Think Outside - No Box Required

A truly wonderful way to make family memories that last a lifetime…” Give yourself time to reconnect with each other, make memories and remember that nobody sits around in old age wishing they spent less quality time with the people that they care about. We provide an opportunity for you to take a few days out and step inside the tranquil world of British Glamping with R & R Glamping for both seasoned Glampers and first timers. Glamping accommodation is increasingly appealing of late, and a new hospitality trend. Nows never been a better time to give it a go for yourself if you haven’t already! An experience which we’re sure will leave you coming back for more.


Why is it that when we were kids we didn’t think it was crazy to sleep under the stars, but as adults it seems like the responsibilities of life take over our thinking? We will help you reconnect with nature and rekindle your imagination.  Are you looking to experience a new kind of camping, whilst having the access to the creature comforts we so appreciate at home? You will leave renewed, refreshed and replenished.

UPDATE!! Due to Covid we regrettably have had to make big changes, we are in the process of handing our company over to Great British Bell Tents. We now passing over all inquiries to them to deal with.














Bell tents are one of the most famous tents of all and there's a very good reason for that. Not only are bell tents easy to erect they are also amazingly strong and keep you safe and sound in most weather conditions - with a few exceptions of course.

Bell tents come in a number of sizes 3m,4m,5m,6m, and 7m. At R & R Glamping the smallest bell tent that we hire out is the 5m bell tent - mainly because these tents are the perfect size for up to 5 people and leave you with plenty of head space to stand and walk around - unlike the 4m bell tent which will have you crouching down quite a lot.


Two white bell tents outdoors

Because you won’t have to worry about packing or setting up camp, you’ll get to actually have some fun. You’ll get to hike, bike, kayak, cast, climb and relax to your heart’s content. When you go glamping, you get to get into the outdoors and leave all the stress of normal camping way behind.


Traditional camping remains popular because of its simplicity; going back to basics, connecting with nature and getting away from it all are some of the reasons people simply love it. Glamping offers all of this, but with the ease of pre-assembled and set up facilities (most important of all being a comfy bed). In a hotel you get a bed for a night. At R & R Glamping you get an home from home experience and memories which will last a lifetime.


Protected from the elements and hidden from any bugs there is nothing to complain about! And let's not forget our beds - our Double, Single comfortable double-height Air Beds are a total luxury.




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