A truly unique celebration



With a range of hire options covering 2 to 5 person occupancy, we have a bell tent for everyone. We can house guests in your very own small bell tent village so your guests don't have to pay for taxis and hotels and more importantly, they don't have to leave the party before it's getting started. Our range starts with a standard tent all the way through to a luxury option with interior and exterior lighting, carpets, doormats, bunting, beds and bedding. The choice is yours!


Once you have confirmed your wedding date with us, you can either book your required number of tents with us or simply add us as an accommodation option on your invites so your guests can book directly with us. All tents are personalised with a R & R Glamping label so your guests will know exactly which tent is theirs when they are ready for bed!


There is no need to rush for carriages at midnight or to lose a glass slipper as you dash from the dance floor; book a little stay away in our bright and beautifully dressed high quality canvas bell tents. You decide when the party ends.




                                                    Online Booking For Your Guests

Our personalised online booking system allows your guests to pick which type of tent they would they would like to stay in. The options start with an unfurnished Standard tent or the fully-furnished Classic tent, both of which cater for guests who wish to bring their own beds and bedding. Or they can opt for the ultimate in glamping with our Luxury option.